Outdoor Heritage of America
Welcome!!     We are now up and running in Oregon and California. More states soon to follow!

Welcome to Outdoor Heritage of America! I have been thinking about forming this type of organization for quite some time. This particular structure (unification of outdoorsmen) has never been successfully accomplished on a national level. But the timing for it couldn't be better as the onslaught of opposition against us, (the lovers of outdoor sports) is at a fever pitch. We need to make it happen.

Let's get real here. Our sporting heritage is in jeopardy. Private organizations as well as some facets of the federal government have made it their mission to wipe us off the map. If we don't lock arms across the country and unify ourselves into a collective powerhouse, then we will see our passions and traditions disintegrate before our eyes.

If you already recognize the threat towards us, then we are on the same page. If you are unsure about how imminent the threat is, you won't read it on the front page of the newspaper. Do a little homework and you will find the ugly truth lurking beneath the surface. We will be endeavoring to bring as many articles and links that illuminate this reality to you. It's essential for all sportsmen to place this threat right up there with breathing to avoid getting steamrolled by those who dislike what we do. Some of them actually *hate* us for what we do.

So this is it, an organization focused singularly and primarily on defending, protecting, and reinstating our rights as sportsmen and sportswomen. Join us and then spread the word like wildfire. We need the numbers!! Don't delay, time is of the essence.

How is it going to happen? See our Mission.


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